Diary and Poetry tries to capture a journey. My journey. Its not complicated. Its not exactly unique in its purpose. It tends to get introspective, celebratory, opinionated or aimless. On a few occasions, it could tend towards a random ramble. It is, however, definitely reflective. Right now, it does lack direction. Just like me. But here’s hoping that it will change, Just like i will. I also write poetry once in a while


Reviews is simply what it sounds like. Reviews of books, movies, restaurants, & any product other than make-up


Beauty is a space where I talk about the make up and accessories I use. I am not big on creating looks, OOTDs, FOTDs etc although I try. Apart from makeup, there will also be DIY projects, accessories, and generally anything pretty here. It also records my opinion, experience, and sometimes, experiments with the products I use. I dont do very expensive stuff. I am a drug store junkie. My mantra is affordable. Always. And that is what is here. 

 Health is where I sound off about my efforts at getting healthy. I have, of late, realized that I really need to put fitness on the top of that list. I have been careless so far. And now, I am set to correct it. Finally. My difficulty lies in the fact that I start for work at 0545hrs in the morning and get back only at 1900hrs. Fixing my daily meals and planning a workout is a task in itself. But it is something I just have to do. There is no two ways about it. Not only that, I have also found my inspiration. Here.

And no. I do not have the courage to post my full length picture here. Not yet. I am just too embarrassed.

I plan to use this to find motivation, get tips, and engage in something I enjoy, at the same time: writing.  

I read that keeping a daily journal when working out, tracking meals, workouts and lifestyle practices is good way to being consistent in our attempts.I have a list of issues to tackle.And I have decided to kick their butt and tick them off my list, as done and dusted. And for this purpose, a journal is apparently a good tool in the kitty. That is what this will also serve as sometimes. Almost. 


Food is where I chronicle my experiments in my kitchen. I like good food. What pleases my eye, pleases my tummy. This is also my endeavor at endearing myself to people through their stomach.


Jan 2, 2015: In all honesty, there hasn't been much blogging happening here because of certain events in  my personal life. But here is hoping that changes!

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