Suchitra. A free-spirit. I am fiercely independent. Moody. Sensible. Not really organised. Neither am I a workaholic. I need my money. And my time. And am working at it. I like pencil art, love makeup and good clothes. Practically live out of black clothes. A warm cup of coffee is my anytime friend. And a good book is my personal heaven. I spend, impulsively. As of now, I am a banker, software quality analyst, makeup obsessed, pencil artist, closet poet, language lover, obese, bookworm and a budding writer. 

I am working out these days. A large of this blog will be dedicated to those attempts. Recipes, weight loss progress etc will be an essential part of this blog. As will makeup clothes and accessories. 

I read a lot and books too will be a prominent feature here. I love new and functional stationary as well .. Not something that catches the eye of people but I really love it.

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