Its the time for Whaaaat?

4:25:00 PM

2014 has sped away like a roller coaster in full speed, with all its ups and downs and it feels like it is time to take stock. But am i the stock taking types?No. That would be husbands profession - (Logistics and Supply chain). So we shall not interfere. We shall stick to the resolutions for the year. Cause according to about 80% of the global average population, it is must do activity. In all honesty, they are just for the first month and in some cases last only 1 week.Nevertheless we shall make them this year, just like every other year past. In retrospection, I really to buckle up. So this year, lets make them SMART. And schedule some reviews. Tedious? Yes. Works? Apparently Yes yes.

1. Sleep a little less. (now i need some serious commitment to get this going. I made this resolution  last year, practised and woke up at 9 on 1st Jan 2015. Phew!)
2. Less TV and increase daily productivity ( lock away the remote and throw the key into the bottom of the sea)
3. Eat home cooked food - all 3 meals - for atleast 5 days a week. (Brownie points for making the husband very happy)
4. Gym more and be regulat ( its not enough to buy fancy shoes and bag. Must put them to use!! No seriously)
5. Read atleast 1 book per week. ( Without TV, this is very much achievable)
6. Live within a budget. ( more money for my precious electronics. Hehe)

Now for the smart bit.The Specific,Measurable,acheivable,realistic,timebound aspects - I have decided the specific bit is all i am going until. The measuring is gonna happen with a planner and review shall happen in 3 months. Hehe . Lets see. So here goes.

As much as I have all this shaped up, I am still craving for sleep and sloth, my eternal friend. I plan to shake them off and start of new activities surrounding the blog this coming year. Yup, new stuff coming up in 2015!! 

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