Hot off the Rack ....Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss Reflection Serum

7:46:00 PM

A review post after quite a while ..

After the move to Bangalore, I am in search of products for dry skin. In my beloved Chennai, my skin was shining and clear. But the Bangalore air is messing my skin's pysche. It has been acting up, drying to the point of patches and flaking despite a regular CTM routine. I guess the hydrating strength of the products I was using wasn't enough . So my quest for products to suit my now crazy skin has officially been flagged off.

The first product in my trials is the Lakme Absolute Skin Gloss Reflecting Serum. The pack says this product hydrates the skin to make it lustrous and moistures coats your skin with gloss. It is an aqueous veil with mineral laden glacial water. I sorta lost the plot here with the spelling of "aqueous" .. Anyway there is a foggy picture here(excuse it and jump to the review please) and product details are right below here ...

Net Volume: 30ml
M.R.P: Rs.899
Usage: Dab entire face with 3-4 drops of serum and gently pat till absorbed.
Best used with rest of the range.

Well I opened the pack today. It is a very nice looking black packaging. And bottle has a pump fitted to dispense the serum. I had to work it a few times to get enough product. But the pump was a pretty fancy one I say. You need to twist the bottle cap to make the pump appear, then lock it place and then work the pump. This packaging is super travel safe, wont mess your handbag if you carry it on you. It is not as difficult as it sounds but it is packed much better than most face products I have tried. I really like the retro black and white sketch of a woman on the box. It looks like retro and b/w picture is all the fad these days.  

Now to the serum itself and my experience on the first use. I applied as instructed on the pack. But I have not bought the rest of the range. And decided to try just the serum. I somehow equate serum to more concentration and therefore assume the "serum" versions of any product are more potent. That's just me. So lets take a deep breath at my profound logic and turn to my excessively dry skin for answers. And my skin is acting angry. It does not like the serum much. The serum makes my skin feel all the more dry and stretched. I will think very hard before using this product alone. I guess I will use the range in entirety but the effect this product has on my skin makes me question that course of action. Lets see. I have decided on a one week trial period.

Rating: 2/5

And that is for the elegant packaging. I may revise the rating after a period of use or buying the whole range.The latter of which is very unlikely.

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