A box of lunch - after so many years

2:40:00 PM

Today at about 1330hrs, I opened my lunch box. It was nothing odd, nothing new but it certainly was different.

Until 1995-2001, every school day, lunch was home made curd rice+vegetable of the day. 2 tiny boxes, waiting to opened at 1220hrs. Most people would find it a bit boring/repetitive to carry the same food everyday but I somehow found it comforting. The routine and the predictability of the contents of  my box actually made me look forward to the lunch hour at school. I was never a good student and was usually upto no good. Among all the live-wires I never knew when I might trip, this box of lunch was the only constant. If I got to it, I got through half my day safe. On the days when i was relatively safe, it gave the luxury of extra time to run around, play and be upto to more useless stuff. But on days I was keen on playing volleyball, or had work to do for house I belonged to, or had March-past practice, it turned out a real blessing.

The curd rice was a pretty simple recipe.My Mom was working and  her particularly hard & driving schedule made the humble curd rice the easiest to pack. Although she did try to pack some variety in once a week it was rare. After she took retirement, she decided to pack a different meal everyday. But, my allegiance to the curd rice would not waver. I voluntarily asked her to pack the same meal for me everyday, much to her surprise. Then my sister did the same too. The simple curd rice had turned out the house favorite after all.

Today at about 1330hrs, I opened my lunch box. It was nothing odd, nothing new but it certainly was different.It was curd rice.

My Mom is visiting me in Bangalore and today my Mom made lunch. After 14 years, my Mom had packed me curd rice. And I am transported back to the lovely days when the box meant just a morsel down the throat. I am grateful for those days. Because of those days, today it means a whole lot more. I don't know if it is the comfort of habit, or that it is my mothers work, or the childlike memories associated with it that makes today's lunch so special, but it certainly is something I am immensely thankful for. And it is moments like these that make the simple truly great.

Thanks Ma.

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