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     A long time back, I met a good friend. It had been a few years since I met her last. She got me goody-bag from the UK and in the bag  was this awesome foot wash and creme. Both of us were so enamoured...
    more by the box and less by its contents. She made me promise (and repeat after her) "I will not let this box go wasted". I also had to cross my heart and hope to die and stick a needle in my eye. 

    And now that box has found its true purpose. It holds my everyday makeup .

    For quite a while I have been searching for ways to organise my make-up without having to keep digging for bits and pieces everyday. And my foot creme box is fabulous. Ofcourse, I had to tweak it a bit to make it more functional, but the end result is a very useful pile of prettiness. I cut out some pieces out of shoe boxes and added partitions to the box to separate and hold eye,lip , face and some basic products And boy is it handy?It keep everything visible, everything in its place and is quite portable.And look nice if I leave it on a table or anywhere else in the house. 

    Here is a pic:

  • The first picture shows my lipsticks and tints. All stacked to show shade names and my brand.In the same picture, right beside the lipstick stack are my eyeshadow palettes.
  • The second picture shows my Liquid eyeliners, tinted moisturizer and Lip balm and tweezers. 
  • The third picture is my face tints, toner, primer and blushes.
  • The forth check is my eye pencils. I am big fan of colored eye pencils and use them in place of eye-shadows mostly. My eye-shadows are neutral and eye pencils are dramatic and the combination gives a perfect not loud-not subtle finish. And they are right where I can find them.

  • I keep my stuff neat and keep my promises. Yes I do. ;)!

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