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10:17:00 PM

Today, I was discussing with my mother about a temple visit. I had a prayer to place. And consequently I  had to promise a sacrifice until my prayer was granted. And in deciding my sacrifice, I figured out the stuff I love most. Obviously people and basics don't count. What makes to the list is the vanity that we have become addicted to. Apparently it could be anything - a habit, a favorite dish, an object we cling to - i.e any addiction. So my list has a mix of stuff that is an integral part of my life. 80% of my list is made up of stuff that I was not using much about 5-6 years ago, but now is invaluable.

I could not decide on one right away. I discussed with Mum and she had some suggestions too. So I picked up a paper and we listed out what I my indulgences are. And here is the list.

We had the list in our hand and my first choice would have been coffee. But I realised that was a poison I could not live without. Especially if my Mum has made it. So that was eliminated of the list. Yes a bit of a cheat I agree. But well ..

Sacrificing make-up had me hesitating a bit, but I would have given it up easily  had I thought about it for a couple more minutes. 

Although I love all the rest in the list, I could easily drop them off and not bother. But I managed to figure out one thing that is not on the list, but is most difficult for me to stay away from - Fried stuff. 

ANYTHING FRIED IS OFF MY PLATE - thats my sacrifice.No fryums, chips, papads, vada, fried sweets, savories, murukku etc. Not until my prayer is granted.

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