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The topic I choose to address today is slightly sensitive and I choose to approach it with caution while still saying what I want to say. I have been following the reaction to Ghulam Nabi Azad’s statement about Gay sex and MSM and the general reaction to it. It made me sit and think why ?

Why would the LGBT community and their supporters be so reactive?  Protests on various forums have been organized, and an RTI filed by MINGLE (Mission for Indian Gay & Lesbian Empowerment).why?
I get the feeling that the LGBT community should, at this point, take a strong stance, instead of getting on the defensive. Unless in the case of a physical assault, they should refuse to be victimized. This is an independent country, with free thinkers and opened minded people. Everyone is free to make a choice and to live a life of their preference.. The court has given its verdict and therefore the verdict of the nation. Individual statements should not matter. To be a victim is a choice. It should not be chosen.

Having said that, I would also say every statement does not warrant a reaction. If the LGBT community has to be accepted, I believe it should not portray itself as vulnerable and as seeking for acceptance among the other stream. The LGBT are and will be different. It is in this difference that they must revel.This high level of sensitivity does not show them as the immensely confident people that is their actual persona. There is a lot being said about a lot of things in India for e.g.  politicians , god-men, communities, religions, women and a lot other things in general. And if every opinion were to warrant a protest and an RTI, the world would be a lot gloomier; and freedom, meaningless. Just as LGBT community is free to pursue what it feels is right, so is Azad free to voice his opinion (however ignorant). Freedom and tolerance has to co-exist. There is no other way. It should be brushed off and life must continue. I am sure there are a lot more problems of immediate importance than what his opinion on LGBT life, is.

To the LGBT: You are what you are. My acceptance or that of world has nothing to do with it. Be defiant. Hold your heads high. Keep your pride. And your self-respect. Refuse to be victimized.

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