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Women cant keep secrets!! The moment i hear this statement , the feminist in me rises from out of no where and wants to differ, concretely. Women are most trusty confidantes, i say. Tell them your secret, the worst one, and it will stay with them. Not only will they lend a patient ear, there will be free counselling that comes with the secret-sharing session. You will feel lighter , your spirit will feel better and suddenly you can face the world more easily.. assured that the secret will remain so.

Nice ..

But i find that the adage is disappointingly true. The moment there is something said , that has to be kept under wraps, a corner in the brain aches to go tell the world about it. To go announce " blaah blaah , blah blah blaah". But no ! We are not supposed to. Then this ache spreads a little more, perhaps to one half of the brain. Now we start searching for our trusty confidantes to share the blaah with and .. we look for them everywhere.. at the workdesk .. at the coffee spot.. at the pantry.. in the lifts everywhere .. until we find someone we can TRUST...and once found , it is impossible to contain the blaah within us, however insignificant . Simply because it is a secret, it becomes invaluable. It has to passed on, delicately , like an precious heirloom ... or a  beautiful pearl, wrapped in the soft muslin of some opinions, polished with some spicy story, and some muffled laughter may be .. but passed, it must be.

Then the world feels like a better place. And the spirit does feel elated .

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